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Friday Night Programs

The Friday Night Programs provide a safe venue for mutual acquaintance, featuring facilitated and non-facilitated discussion groups, card playing, and information programs for singles.  A $3 admission defrays the cost of rent.


    7:00 - Doors Open for social time
    7:30 to 8:00 - Light refreshments.
    8:00 - Group Interaction announcements covering all the upcoming events and activities
    8:15 - Break into various activities: structured mixers (see schedule), card playing, or free-flowing discussions until closing at 9:30 PM.
Location: Central Christian Church, 1200 Forrer Blvd, Kettering, Ohio 45420 (at the corner of Forrer Blvd and Smithville Rd.) Click for map


April 12th Trivia Yet Again

Well, no volunteers so guess what!!! More trivia.

April 19th  The Book of Questions with Tom

Some more provoctive questions from Tom's Book of Questions. They aoften led to some of Itteractions signature discussions.

April 26th  Movie Night With Jim

“ The Whales of August” Starring Lillian Gish, Ann Sothern, Bette Davis. The two old sisters (Lillian Gish, Bette Davis) have been at war for years, until they have become beloved enemies. Now death is near for both of them -- not today or tomorrow or perhaps even this year, but before long. Sothern is sensible and cheery as a neighbor woman, who has shared the lives of these sisters for many years and accepts them. She is sort of a peacemaker, whose life lacks the complexity that the sister's long struggle has created.

For decades, since they were children, they have returned to this old cottage on an island off the coast of Maine, where in August it has been their custom to watch at twilight as the whales pass on their journeys to wherever it is that whales go. Although they make plans for the future, and argue over whether they should install a new picture window, there is the sense that this will be their last summer in the cottage.